Ear Training

Speaking with an accent means using sounds of your mother tongue to express yourself in a foreign language. By completing a professional French phonetics course you will better develop your auditory skills and learn to pronounce words more accurately (I have an expert trained musical ear to help you on your phonetics journey). More...

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Spelling & pronunciation

In French language what you see is not what you get. Thankfully, there is a connection between the spelling and pronunciation that is useful and worth learning. These phonetics rules can help you learn to pronounce any French word correctly and speak fluently with confidence. More...


Diction & intonation

Excellent diction requires clear articulation and being aware of the way every sound is produced. Intonation, melody of the language, is equally important when you speak.
This is the third and final element in your phonetics proficiency training. More...

About Michel Garçon

I am an experienced native French Sorbonne certified teacher of phonetics. After studying English, German and French linguistics, I specialized in French phonetics, which made sense regarding my passion for classical music since I was a child. I have always been a language teacher (in public schools for the first years of my career) and have been teaching French pronunciation and diction for 20 years. I am an expert in accent reduction.
I offer individual French accent (phonetics) lessons and elocution lessons:
  • face to face in Paris 
  • online (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom).
A one-to-one French instruction is the best way to improve your accent and this course is not only dedicated to advanced students. Most of my students are Anglophones. And the others generally come from Germany, Eastern Europe, Spain, Latin America, Asia or the Persian Gulf.
Observing my students' needs for years and trying to be as helpful and pragmatic as possible, I created an original method of pronunciation that always reveals itself to be very efficient to acquire a perfect French accent. This method (anglophone-oriented) is based on morphological signs, intended to symbolize the shape of the tongue and mouth while pronouncing the French sounds and especially the vowels.

As French language is definitely not phonetic but etymological, a few rules exist and are essential in order to grasp how French vowels must be pronounced according to their particular location inside a word. The tongue placement and mouth shape are part of my teaching. The nasal vowels and even the French R can be properly pronounced thanks to a simple mechanical work.

 Pronunciation is the real key to longterm success.